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Standardized Approach. Faster Submittals.

Choose from standard parts stencils to design faster and more consistently.


Unity allows easy transition from an estimate to a design drawing.  Allowing access to a wide variety of design stencils enables the user to create controller i/o, panel, and network drawings from the estimate version.  This creates efficiencies in both time and labor and produces a more consistent and standardized drawing.

ICT Controller.jpg
CHW Controller.jpg

Market Solutions

Unity isn't exclusive to one market or vendor. Customize your parts database and stencils to reach across multiple trades including HVAC Controls, Access&Security and Networking.

Design Standards

  • Controller I/O

  • Power Management

  • System Stencils

  • Scaled Panel Layouts

Increase Savings

Utilize Unity plugins for Microsoft Visio to design faster and more consistently. Expedite submittals through repeatable drawings, reclaiming up to 50% of time previously spent manually creating designs.

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